Sky Heist

  • Players: 2-5
  • Age: 10+
  • Time: 15-30 min

In Sky Heist you will join an airship bank robbery in a steampunk world. Being part of the gang you’ll have to take as much money as possible from the safe till the sheriff comes. But, as you know, a gangster riding a single-seated bike-plane hybrid can’t be trusted since you can get into a shootout and try to steal all the money for yourself. Load barrels, check parachutes — it is going to be epic.
Sky Heist is a fun card game that requires fast reaction. Each turn players discard cards into a loot deck using combinations. Besides they can play different special cards and also put the cards from their hands into a “revolver” area which limits their opportunities during the game but helps in the final duel. There are several sheriff cards inevitably causing the duel in which the card combinations that are put into the players’ revolvers are very important. As a result of the duel all the cards from the loot deck are shared as victory points among players. The game lasts for several rounds and the one who has got the most victory points becomes a winner.

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