• Players: 2-4
  • Age: 10+
  • Time: 20-60 min

The Guardian of Magical Sand, the Keeper of the Keys of the Nightmare Caves and the Master of All Dreams – the Sandman – has disappeared. His lands are declining and people cannot have dreams anymore. You will try to fix it and take the creation of dreams upon yourselves. Using the Dream Pendulums you are going to take an exciting adventure to reverse the situation. Be ready to wind up your brain and show your courage, because it is not a simple task to create a Real Dream!

In Somnicum, with a help of Dream Pendulums and Magical Sand, you will concatenate smaller dream pieces into one Real Dream. The players will connect Dream cards of 3 different Themes with multiple Dream Particles (images) on them. The deeper in your Dream you place your Dream cards, the more victory points you will get for them. But be careful placing Nightmares into your Dream! These tricky cards may look appealing, while they have so many different Dream Particles on them, but at the same time they will inevitably make you lose your Victory Points at the end of the game.

The game comprises 3 rounds with an undefined amount of turns. Each turn you will move one of 2 Dream Pendulums around the circle of Dream cards of 3 different Themes picking up (gaining or spending Magical Sand tokens) and adding them to your Dream. You will need to combine them wisely to prevent your Dream from Breaking. Some of Dream cards will allow you to get special Discovery cards, which in their turn will bring you help of magic creatures and mighty artifacts. The game ends after the 3rd round with a final scoring. The player with the most stars (Victory Points) on their cards wins.

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